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Get the lowest prices on office food providers and vending machines for leasing in Orland Park. Hot and cold food, drink and snack vending machines for rent and purchase. Large scale mini market solutions for larger offices available. Full service vending machine services serving all of Illinois with customers and dealers providing full serving vending supplies in Orland Park, IL.

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Our full service vending service provides Orland Park area businesses with a variety of beverage and snack choices, often at no cost to business owners like you. In the process of choosing a Orland Park area partner for your food service needs you determine exactly what types of food and beverages you want to make available in your place of business. The options in Orland Park vending services have expanded over the years. Modern vending, drink and snack machines have evolved from the classic pull-knob candy machines to modern equipment that offers endless selection, food types and modern payment options include Apply and Samsung pay. Besides offering Orland Park business owners with standard beverage and snack machines, our local customers in the Orland Park, IL area increasingly choosing refrigerated machines to offer healthier snack options such as fresh fruit, salads, and sandwiches. Get the best prices and latest vending machines for less from one of our many Orland Park area vending partners.

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Food & Drink Vending FAQS

Some of the most common questions about our Orland Park, IL vending services.

How can I lease a vending machine in Orland Park, IL in 2022?

Orland Park vending machine leasing is a very simple process. With a local Orland Park vending service, you determine exactly what types of food and beverages you want to make available to your staff. For example, if you have a small Orland Park area office where most employees bring their lunch, you may decide a beverage vending machine is all you need. Vending service provides a high level of customer service that tailors a product and service plan to meet the unique needs of your Orland Park area business.

Vending machine dealer information for Orland Park

What is required for me to get a vending machine in my Orland Park area office?

Vending machines require traffic, many Orland Park vending providers throughout Illinois have a minimum employee number to qualify. Vending machines require access to power and will use maybe $300-$400 per year depending on the type and will be affected by the cost of power at the time in the Orland Park market. Vending machine leasing requires a secure area to protect the machine This doesn't necessarily mean surveillance cameras are needed (although sometimes that helps), but just having the machine in an open area where management or other people can always see it. While security in Orland Park is not generally an issue it is prefered by vending companies. Lastly on this partial list vending machines require minimum space. While vending machines vary in size, the typical dimensions are about 80” x 45” x 36” and need room to be accessed and filled.

Can I get healthy vending machine options?

Vending machines are usually associated with junk food and drinks. Sugary sodas, candies, and fried chips are what are normally found in and associated with most vending machines. The Illinois market has been experiencing a sharp rise in demand for healthier options. The Orland Park community is trending healthier every year. This is true of vending machines located in Orland Park area offices, which will usually be the source of snacks for workers throughout the day. Junk food often results in junk productivity. Sugar highs and crashes are not typically associated with outstanding work products. VVending machines with healthy food will contain products that have a number of qualities that will improve the quality of life for Orland Park workers and increase their productivity. Food found in these vending machines will be nourishing, giving the workers the fuel that they need to power through to the end of their work day. Healthy vending products include: fresh fruit vending machines, yogurt vending machines, salad vending machines, tuna, tea, fitness water vending machines, and other low calorie, low carb, low sugar products.

Can I have a free vending machine?

In many markets including Orland Park free vending machines are a real thing. Provide employees and customers with free snacks and beverages any time. Employees love the incentive of low-cost or free breakroom treats. Both subsidized and free vending keep your employees happy and in the workplace for more of the day. No longer do they need to leave for a quick cup of coffee or a long lunch break. Build morale and keep productivity high by adding vending services to your Orland Park area workplace.

Can I lease a snack vending machine?

Snacks have a shorter shelf life than beverages. Therefore, snack machines must either sell a higher volume or inventory must be regularly rotated to maintain freshness. Most Orland Park vending services carry major national brands of snack products. Snack vending machines for lease sell products like chips, candy, cookies, granola bars, nuts, trail mix, pretzels, and more.

Where should I place my vending machine(s)?

The goal should be to place the vending machine where it will receive the most foot traffic or in the breakroom for convenience. Our Orland Park clients use busy office intersection, entrances and near the coffee pot to maximize use. When you sign up for Orland Park vending services, a Orland Park area local representative can survey your Orland Park business and make suggestions on the best location.

What types of payment do the machines accept?

Most machines in the Orland Park market will accept coins, cash, debit and credit cards. Some will even take electronic payment such as Samsung Pay or Apple Pay.

How often should the vending machines be refilled?

A restocking schedule is determined by the number of possible users and then monitored remotely or assessed regularly by your Orland Park IL vending service provider. The ability to restock on demand or often is widely available in the busy Orland Park market and throughout Illinois. Changes to the restocking schedule can be made as deemed necessary.

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